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Updated: 05-08-2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - About How to Place an Order

How can I place an order ?
Click the category of the item you want to buy

To place an order you need to be registered as customer in The items are organized by categories that you can see on the main menu. If you click any category you will see more detailed category to find your item (e.g.: Groceries -> takes you to Food, Drinks or Snacks). Inside of the detail category you can see the Item related. If you click on the picture's product you will go to the detail information about that product.

Search for the brand or specific product in search bar

In the's header, you will see a search tool where you can write one or more words to find a desired item.

How to delete an item in my cart ?

The buying process has 4 steps (Carting, shipping, payment, and confirmation). It the first step (carting) you will see a link to "delete item", just click and will be remove it.

Can I make change in my order ?

The last chance for modification are in the step 1 on buying process, However you can cancel your order before ship was started. If you receive your order and want to return your items, your will need to go to My Orders and click en return the item.

What is I want to keep my Items in my cart to buy later ?

No problem. You can leave your cart and when come back you will see it with the items. Just notice that the stock available is important in this case. It's possible that when you return some items are sold out, in that case you will not see it anymore in the cart.

2 - About how your Order is Shipped

How do you ship ?

Mainly we ship wit USPS. We offer free shipping with the standard services, but we offer more faster services. Some times we use FEDEX or UPS. If a customer give us some instruction for special delivery at shipping step. We will do it.

How long it take to receive my order ?

Depend on multiple factor. But generally speakeing, we handle the order in just 1 business day and the ship take like 3 more days. Free Shipping take like 4 days.

can I pick up my Order ?

Absolutely. When you choose "Pick up" at shipping step in buying process, you will be able to make an appointment to pick up your item in our warehouse.

Can I track my shipping ?

Yes you will be notify by email as you can go to my orders and tracking each step of you shipping.

3 - About how You Pay your Order

What are the available payments methods ?

Right now we are using Paypal as our payment merchant. You can pay with Paypal Account, Major Credit Cards as Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discovery as well as Paypal Credit.

there is a minimun amount to place an order ?

No. You can place an order of any amount. Orders before $40 will pay shipping, but if your order is above $40 you will qualify for Free Shipping.

4 - About how to Create your Account

How can I check my last orders ?

In the main menu, you will find an option to see your last orders with all details about payments and shipping.

How can I recover my password ?

If you forgot your password, you can click in "Forgot My Password" at the footer fo the platform. The system will send you a code to your email to change the password. Please note that sometime emails arrives at spam folder.

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